2016: Our Year of BEAUTY FOR ASHES

2016: Our Year of BEAUTY FOR ASHES


Ecclesiastes 3:1, 4 KJV
To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:… [4] A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;…

We have discovered the best way to give our lives meaning, walking in the plan and purpose of God per time and for the season. At the dawn of every new season, God unveils His agenda on earth to a people so that they can prepare themselves to maximize the opportunities the season has to offer.  In late November, 2015 as I was preparing for what the lord will have us teach in the month of December, the Spirit of the Lord gently impressed on my heart that beyond this time, and precisely from the turn of the year He wants to meet the needs of ‘mourners, He wants to comfort mourners in zion’. In my heart I was like who are mourners in zion. Then I set myself to search the scriptures to gain an insight in to the mind of the Spirit.

I came to discover that people mourn when
* There is a loss (spiritual, physical, material or financial)
* There are evil tidings (news). Exo. 33:4.
* Destiny is miscarried. 1Sam. 15:35
* There is grieving and vexation of the Spirit. Isa. 38:14
* There is the prevalence of evil in the society. Prov. 29:2
* Glory has turned to shame. Isa. 33:9
* Afflicted with pain and incurable disease. Ps. 88:9, Prov. 5:11
* Hope is lost and life is void of meaning. Ezek. 37:11
* When there is nothing to celebrate. Ps. 137:1-3.
* It feels like God has forgotten you because of the oppression of the enemy. Ps. 43:2
* Judgment is taking away and there is no deliverer. Isa. 59:11
* When God takes away His peace, His lovingkindness and His tender mercies. Jer. 16:5

The scripture in Isaiah 61 and verse 3 came strongly to heart.
…’To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord , that he might be glorified’.

In analysing these scriptures, I therefore came to these conclusions of what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to the Rockfaith family worldwide. In the year 2016 God will:
# Restore to you all that the devil had stolen from you.
# 2016 shall be a year of good news and great rejoicing
# Destinies will be recovered, realigned and reordered.
# God shall enlarge the coast of His people and root-out the evil that grieves His people.
# God will avenge the injustices against His church and His children.
# God will multiply peace to His people in the midst of chaotic world.
# Where you have suffered shame, God will bring glory and magnify your efforts.
# 2016 shall be a year of healing streams flowing ceaselessly.
# God will restore health to multitude of sufferers and maintain many in good health.
# Throughout 2016 and beyond, there shall be not loss of lives, investments or properties among the Rockfaith family worldwide.
# There shall be full restoration of hope to the hopeless. The despondent shall have reason to live.
# Great doors of opportunities shall be opened to many to breakforth in to business limelight and for carrier advancement.
# At the turn of every quarter, there shall be what to celebrate in your life, business or ministry.
# 2016 is a season of remembrance to all those who have long standing afflictions and deprivations.
# God shall visit many called barren with double joy.
On the national front,
# There shall be supernatural replacement of occultic and diabolic oppressors from the seat of power.
# Everyone that oppresses God’s people shall be removed from relevance and authority.
# Between March and September 2016, the nation shall experience victories on every front that makes celebration continuous.
# There will be sudden turn in the national economy that would amaze the world, to the glory of God alone.
# God will grant breakthrough to the nation because of the elects.
# The ministry of wasters would end in this nation, the blood of the innocents shall no more be shield on the street of our nation.

I hereby reveal to the Rockfaith family worldwide the mind of God concerning you in the new year. The year 2016 shall be to the ROCKFAITH family a year of BEAUTY FOR ASHES’. Isa. 61:3.

Therefore I stand on the platform of God’s anointing backing this commission and declare concerning you that:
1. From the ashes of ruins and desolations in your life shall arise the beauty of a renewed destiny.
2. Joy and rejoicing shall be the order of events in the new year concerning you.
3. As God of heaven lives, There shall be no crying or weeping around your dwelling all through this year.
4. There shall be no breaking in or rushing out of your habitation in the name of Jesus.
5. The peace of the Lord that surpassed all understanding shall keep and guide your heart all through the year.
6. Fruitfulness shall be the other of the time in your life all through the new year.
7. You shall suffer no calamity whatsoever in the name of Jesus.
8. You shall enjoy great speed of accomplishments throughout the new year.
9. Wherever you have laboured in vain, again this year, Favour will orchestrate a makeover for you.
10. You shall enjoy God’s great mercy and loving kindness this year also.
11. While making landmark progress on every front, your righteousness shall not suffer any set back again forever.
12. There shall be no concern whatsoever over your children, family or spouses in Jesus’ name.

You are blessed in the name of the Lord. Amen.

Welcome in to your season of rejoicing. It is your time of beautification in the Lord. Happy new year  2016.

Yours in God’s service,

Pst. Olayinka Oladosu
Senior Pastor